Mr. Robot season 1
Crime Drama Thriller

Mr. Robot season 1

Follows a young computer programmer who suffers from social anxiety disorder and forms connections through hacking. He's recruited by a mysterious anarchist, who calls himself Mr. Robot.

Elliot's internal struggles surrounding his upbringing and personal life intertwine with his present external challenges as part of fsociety. Being very introverted, Elliot fails to express emotions and determine for himself what is real and what is not, a question that is also left somewhat ambiguous to the viewer. In particular Elliot struggles to remember important facts about his close relatives.

Elliot is ultimately revealed to be partly responsible for the death of neighbour and close friend, Shayla (though accidental). His search for other chemicals to mix with his morphine addiction led Shayla to become reliant on a criminal psychopath. Elliot manages to help imprison the criminal before being forced to help free him on the promise that Shayla would be left unharmed, a promise that was not kept.

Meanwhile in Evil Corp, Tyrell Wellick is desperate to be promoted to CTO. The determined young employee also appears to have an unusual relationship with his similarly ambitious wife - with his pending promotion their only real common purpose. Failing to get the promotion, out of desperation Tyrell kills the new CTO's wife showing increasingly psychopathic tendencies.

Eventually with the hard work of fsociety (it's hard to know exactly to what extent Elliot is himself wholly fsociety, but the group certainly appears to be ultimately based mainly around Elliot and his sister, Darlene), and with help from other hackers in China, the large scale hack on Evil Corp is carried out successfully and all debt data held by the giant corporation is lost.

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